3 Reasons Why Roker Must Install Info KRL

If we talk about modes of transportation in Jabodetabek area (Jakarta-Bogor-Depok-Tangerang-Bekasi), I think KRL Commuter Line be the number one on the famous list. KRL Commuter Line is commuter rail system in Jakarta Metropolitan area, but our topic isn’t about it. Let’s talk about the mobile apps that we can rely on monitoring position and scheduled trains. I recommend¬†Info KRL for 3 reasons. Especially for “Roker” aka “Rombongan Kereta”, acronym for train-entourage.

1. Top Star

Info KRL on Play Store

If we search with “info KRL” as keyword on Google Play Store today, first app that shown on the list is Info KRL by Hendra Saputra with 4.4 stars rating. Superior to official application, KRL Access by KAI Commuter Jabodetabek.

Info KRL have 6 menus in the left side: Realtime Monitoring, Discussion, Search Route, Search Timetable, Favorite Travel and Settings. But the most usable menu is Realtime Monitoring.


2. Simple but Kick the Point

Cek nomor kereta via Info KRL

For my opinion (and I bet many user agree with me), Info KRL are simple but really kick the point. You can monitor the trains that will departure from station you chose, you will know the position of your trains, routes and time scheduled, also late prediction in one page. Real-time train monitoring for sure!

For example, let see my realtime monitoring screenshot of Tanah Abang station when the time is 19:39 pm on Tuesday, April 10th 2018. One train ready on platform 2 for route BOO – AK (Bogor to Angke). The train will depart on 19:40. It was late for 7 minutes from 19:33 departure scheduled.

The green or red color of train icon have meaning. Green color mean the train is running and red color when the train stop. The variant of routes can see from different color too.


3. Friendly with Minimum Bandwidth

Info KAI is friendly for poor bandwidth connection, because it consume around 1.5 KB data per-refresh. So, don’t worry about your internet quota.




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